Articles are invited from postgraduate students and professional philosophers alike. Articles should be roughly 3000-3500 words. Authors are advised to write concise articles, with clearly stated aims and tightly controlled arguments. Authors are also asked to clarify any specific terminology employed and to avoid lengthy footnotes. Book reviews of recently published volumes in relevant fields are also welcomed, as are proposals for interviews.

The deadline for the summer/autumn issue is 15 April each year (with the exception of 2017, where the deadline is 30 June). The deadline for the winter/spring issue is 15 October each year (with the exception of 2017, where the deadline is 15 November). The philosopher whose work will be the subject of the next winter/spring issue will be announced on the news page early each year. Those interested in writing a book review or conducting an interview for the summer/autumn issue are encouraged to contact the editors.

Authors should ensure that their submission adheres to the Submission Preparation Checklist before sending it to the journal.